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Tyler Orr-Economics Major-Class of 2011

I chose Economics as a major early in my time at USF as it seemed to be a valuable business tool. As I learned more, and took higher level classes, it became apparent to me that Economics is much larger than it's business applications. Economics has provided to me the best lens through which I can view the world. Humanity, for me, boils down to the decisions we make. Economics allows us to study how humans interact with scarcity in our world. It provides a logical framework through which we can study almost all human decision making. These revelations through my time at USF lead me to want to share my love of Economics with others. I wanted to show the world the other side of the Dismal Science.

After graduating, I set out to complete my certification requirements for teaching in Florida. I am now in my second year of teaching AP Micro and Macro to about 140 seniors at Steinbrenner High School in Lutz. I love teaching my chosen major! I feel that I am one of the luckiest Econ majors, as I get paid to talk about what I regularly talk about for fun. My future career goals include becoming a reader (scorer) for the AP Micro and Macro exams. I feel I will best be able to provide for my students with that unique perspective on the test.

My best advice for current students is two parts. First, focus on graphing. Your graph tells the story, make it a good one. Use a straightedge. Second, be well rounded. Know as much about as much as possible. Economics is limited to and by nothing. The more you know about your world, the more informed your insights will be.