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Meet Our Students

Meet Andrea Farinas! Recent USF Graduate!

Andrea Farinas

Student involvement and Why Economics!?!?!?

I'm kind of involved in a little bit of everything on campus, ranging from the Speech and Debate club to the United Nations @ USF organization here. I also help promote study abroad with the GloBull Ambassador program. My international interests led me to read about international studies in my spare time. The more I read, though, the more I realized that there were economic interests at play behind international relations. I'd only taken a little bit of economics in school, but I wanted to learn more. When I took my first economics class, Macroeconomics, I was hooked. It explained so many things that I hadn't realized needed explaining, and I could apply what I'd learned to so many fields, whether I was reading about international relations or just watching the news. As I learned more about economics, I became aware of behavioral economics, which is essentially the intersection between Psychology, my other major, and Economics. So many people think that majoring in both Psychology and Economics is random and somewhat strange, but in reality the two complement each other so well! I've been reading more about behavioral economics outside of class, and I find it quite fascinating. I just feel like learning Economics has complemented everything I do so well, as though I've learned another way of looking at the world. I would definitely recommend studying Economics to anyone who's interested.

Economics Classes enjoyed!?!??!

I really enjoyed International Economics. Not only did I do well in it, but I really loved how I could take the material I'd learned in class and apply it to the real world. I remember watching the presidential debates and realizing that they were talking about things I'd just learned that day in class! Some other classes that I'm just starting in, but enjoy, are Labor Economics and Introduction to Econometrics.

While here, I'm happy to talk to anyone who's interested in learning more about the Economics major here at USF.

Meet Hiram Rios! Current USF Economics Major!

Hiram Rios

Student involvement and Why Economics!?!?!?

Getting involved at USF was the best way for me to make friends, network with professional staff, and make the campus feel more like home. My involvement began in New Student Connections, where I attended first-year programming and met a lot of other student leaders. Through them I heard about opportunities for leadership development and then served as a Peer Advisor Leader (PAL). Through that experience, I developed my communication and facilitation skills and was able to gain the confidence to engage in other leadership opportunities. Since then, I became a Network Leader, a Returning Network Leader (RNL), a Camp-U Junior Camp Counselor, a Camp-U Senior Camp Counselor and a Stampede of Service (SOS) Site Leader. I then joined Greek Life as a founding father and treasurer of Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity, and then competed at and won the title of “Alpha Male” at Alpha Omicron Pi’s pageant-style philanthropy. This year I am continuing my involvement by working with the Honors College in planning the fourth annual Chinese Culture Festival, playing in the Honors College Symphony Orchestra, and competing in the 2013 Mr. and Miss USF Scholarship Pageant. There are many forms and levels of engagement, but involvement and leadership have played a crucial role in making my USF experience unforgetta-“bull.”

My interest in Economics sprang from my desire to study international relations, in the context of a unified global economy. My career aspirations are to become a Foreign Service Officer with the Department of State under the Economic Officer track. The "International Economics" and "Environmental Economics" courses offered here really helped me decide on this career track, and reinforced a lot of the concepts that make Economics interesting, but in real-world application. This summer, I will be studying abroad in Beijing and Qingdao, China, and hope to gain the ambassadorial spirit that will propel me to the career of my dreams. By getting involved in Student Life and in Economics courses that I'm passionate about, I truly feel that USF is my home.

If you have any questions about my leadership experiences, or about getting involved at USF, I can be reached at:

Meet Ms. Maxine Lauter! Current USF Economics Major!

Maxine Lauter

Learning Backwards:  I Lived It, Now I Learn It ... Economics, That Is

From 1958 to 1962 I was a ticket sales agent in Chicago.  There is an economic difference in how companies practiced their business principles then and now.  One of the main Trans World Airlines (TWA) principles states, “Economy, savings in time, procedures, materials[,] is not only good business practice. It is often the difference between profit and loss.”   Additional TWA Principles are Safety, Reliability, Cleanliness, Courtesy, and Integrity, which lead to a sustainable business practice.

Back when I was a ticket sales agent these principles were drummed into our heads, but management never explained what these principles were for.  Now that I have taken an economics course, I understand why a business would want to right itself with these principles. 

In this day and age, principles seem to “fall by the wayside” as companies struggle and compete for revenue.  With an economics course, you as the consumer can arm yourself with sound understanding of what creates pressure and chaos for a sustainable business.

In short, economics enables better citizens, which enables better businesses, and a better citizen is what you want to be, isn’t it?

Maxine Lauter         (The author is in the center of the photo above)

Meet Rachel Schnabel! Current USF Economics Major!

Rachel Schnabel

Why Economics!?!?!?  
I love that it combines an understanding of human nature with numerical solutions.

Other campus Involvements/Leadership Activities!?!?!
High school group leader for St. Andrew’s church, mentor for the episcopal diocesan youth council of southwest Florida.

Volunteer work, guitar, making clothes!

Fun dreams, aspirations, or career goals!?!?!
I want a job that allows me to travel and see some of the history of other cultures.