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Meet Joshua Pillock, USF Graduate, class of ‘08

Putting the Economics Degree to Use

After several years of hard work and determination, it is with great pleasure that I can now invite you to visit a "Bull-Owned Business”. Crumb&Cork, located at 501 N Franklin Street is joining the downtown roster of lunch and evening entertainment spots, and will add flair to the scene with our Wine-Cheese-Jazz experience. (

I couldn't have done this without the inspiration and technical skills gleaned from my time at USF. It's exciting to be launching a new business, and is a great source of pride when I reflect on my years at the University.

A college education is something that no one can ever, ever take away from you, USF graduate. You'll smile every time you look at that diploma on the wall in your office or your residence, and you'll always remember the friendships, faculty and sense of awakening that is so inexplicably joined to the degree. It is not just a piece of paper, but rather the sum of at least 4 years of academic accomplishment, and an important tool in your life's hardware kit. Be proud of the fact that you had--and seized--the opportunity to embark and finish this journey.

Here is some advice for newly minted grads and those still working toward graduation:

  • Give the people what they want. Period. In the real world, you're not selling "widgets"--people want products they perceive to add value to their lives. All the better if you can design something that folks want every day instead of not-so-often. We found a lot of people complaining about the lack of variety in Central Florida when it came to the assortment of on-premise wine businesses in the area.
  • Travel is the best education--all students should take advantage of the opportunity to Study Abroad.
  • Don't over-borrow--loans have to be paid back, and while deferments are available, they only postpone the inevitable