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David Doing, BA in Economics (2013)

I was one of the fortunate ones to obtain employment immediately after completing my degree. As I'm sure you know, it is an extremely tough job market out there. Throughout my last semester, my spare time was spent searching and applying for jobs. It helps to get ahead of the competition.

I joined the DeltaTrends team in August as a Data Analyst and I am enjoying putting my knowledge and skills to work. DeltaTrends is an HR consulting firm that specializes in the automotive retail industry. We basically send out surveys to our clients and measure the engagement of their employees. The results are compared to their profit margins, employee compensation, retention and turnover data, etc. We provide in-depth reports to our clients explaining the measurements, why they are so important and how they can improve the efficiency of their business. We are also strategic partners with N.A.D.A. (National Automobile Dealers Association) and provide reports and statistics to all of their members. My first major project was actually computing and interpreting all statistics for the N.A.D.A. Workforce Study National Industry Report.

Studying economics helped me in regards to my analytic skills. It equipped me with the passion to question every variable, with my job and life in general. During interviews, I was able shine through intellectual conversation because of my knowledge of economics. Business and Econ Stats is one of the classes I find myself thinking back to the most due to the amount of statistical models and terminology involved with my job.
U.S.F. Department of Economics is all around amazing. I am truly grateful for my time there and the knowledge I gained is invaluable. I enjoyed all of my econ classes, particularly Intermediate Macro with Dr. Wilde and International Econ with Dr. Herander. I would eventually like to go back to school for my Masters in economics, and U.S.F. is at the top of my list.