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Accelerated Degree Program in Economics

This program allows superior students with strong analytical skills and the ability to handle a fast paced, challenging program to complete both the Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees in Economics in five years. The program requires students to take three graduate-level courses during their last year in the Bachelor’s program. At the time that the BA degree is conferred, students in the Accelerated Degree Program will have completed at least two of the four required courses and at most one of the six elective courses needed for the MA degree. These courses are counted as electives in the undergraduate program and are also used to satisfy the requirements for the MA degree. The remaining courses (21 hours) for the MA degree will be completed after the 120-hour BA degree has been conferred.

Of the nine hours of graduate course work students in the Accelerated Degree Program will take, six are mandatory (ECO 6405 which satisfies ECO 4401 and ECO 6115) and three hours will be chosen from ECO 6206 or one course in the following list of approved electives:

  • ECO 4421 satisfied by ECO 6424
  • ECO 4504 satisfied by ECO 6505
  • ECP 3403 satisfied by ECP 6408
  • ECP 3413 satisfied by ECP 6415
  • ECP 3613 satisfied by ECP 6614
  • ECP 4451 satisfied by ECP 6456

Note: ECO 6115 and ECO 6206 may not replace ECO 3101 and ECO 3203 as the latter two courses constitute six hours of the 15 hours in the major that are required to be admitted to the Accelerated Degree Program.

All graduate courses taken prior to the awarding of the BA in Economics will satisfy undergraduate upper level, general degree, and/or undergraduate economics elective courses.

Application Procedure:


  • Minimum undergraduate overall GPA of 3.33
  • Minimum undergraduate major GPA of 3.50
  • Minimum of 15 hours in the undergraduate major.  ECO 2013, ECO 2023, and QMB 2100 do not count towards these 15 hours.  QMB 3200, ECO 3101, and ECO 3203 must count towards these 15 hours.
  • Policy for a student who earns less than a “B” in a graduate Course: Any graduate course in which a student receives a grade of B- or lower may be used to satisfy the requirements of the BA degree, but not the MA degree.  In this case, the student will have fewer than 9 hours shared between degrees and will be required to take additional graduate courses as needed once s/he is pursuing the MA degree full time.