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Anthony Ruiz

Anthony Ruiz- Economics Major- Class of 2013

The main reason I chose to major in Econ was really the recession. Around the same time I started my undergrad the recession occurred and my mother got laid-off. This really spurred my interest and made me want to get a better understanding of the economy, which made me take my first macro class and I was hooked. After getting more in-depth in the subject and taking Dr. Thomas’s course “Econ of Business Strategy” I knew that was the route I wanted to pursue after graduation; I felt it was a plausible direction to go to begin a career.

I was extremely fortunate after graduation and received two job offers (both related to econ) within one month of graduation. I accepted a position at PODS Enterprises in Clearwater, FL as a Demand Planner which is exactly the type of work I wanted to do (Pricing/Analysis). I want to continue my education at USF, so I am studying for the GRE exam and will be applying for the MA of Econ program. I had such a great experience at USF with all of my econ professors and classmates, I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else. I also am extremely grateful to USF for giving me the opportunity to be the first one in my family to graduate. I owe a great deal to USF and am very proud to be a bull!

As for advice, I would just say try your hardest to get an internship, regardless if it is compensated or not. The real world experience you will gain is far more valuable the any dollars you would make, it is also a top priority for employers. I think my internship experience really made me stand out while applying to jobs.

Thank you again for the amazing opportunity and I am extremely grateful!